Saturday, February 12, 2011

Uncle Moses

Here is another episode of Celebrating Ancestors. My Uncle Moses HARGROVE is shown here with his girlfriend, name unknown. To the best of my knowledge, Uncle Moses never married nor had any children. He was the third child of Oliver Turner and Clara (DUNCAN) HARGROVE. This uncle is the one I know the least about. Born 13 Feb 1923 in Georgia, died 12 Jul 2004 in Los Angeles, California. I do believe that Uncle Moses was in the CCC with Uncle James and that he moved to Cleveland when he left Youngstown. I believe that he also lived in Chicago. Looks like he may be the few of my ancestral family members that liked big city life. I specify ancestral family members here because I do have 1st cousins that live(d) in larger cities. So I just want to specifically say that he would be the few of previous generations, preferring larger cities.

I have been able to determine that he and neither of his brothers ever lived on Myrtle Ave. That means they were all grown and gone.

Note to descendants: if you ever happen to find the book I hope to write, you will find there two other tidbits that I prefer to not publish here.

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