About MCR

It has been brought to my attention that I have not identified an intended purpose for my blog. Thank you, Barry. So I should formally state that I write this blog for the purpose of documenting my families' histories. I know of some who have separate blogs for their father and mother's side as well as some others that have separate blogs for their four grandparents. I am going to use the same take as in file folders; when the folder gets too big, then I will split it out. So for now, they are all in the same blog. Regardless how many blogs I have, it's for having the details and stories preserved as being the first draft of my 'book'. Prior to blogging, I had many times been thinking to myself, "I want to write my families' stories someday or I 'ought' to get started writing that book. I had written only two chapters in the last nine years before I started blogging.

In addition to being about the families, this blog is about my life experiences, my research experiences, my research methodology (including the mistakes) and even random thoughts if they are related to genealogy. Sometimes these random thoughts inspire me to write about something associated as it does or would pertain to my family or maybe pertaining to genealogy in general. If you saw my blog name, and didn't know better, you might think that Colored Roots might be all about being a black person; negro or colored as we used to be called. I guess I actually did take advantage of a play on words there. But you have to specifically read What's this Colored Roots thing about? to know that My Colored Roots has absolutely nothing to do with being a black person or African-American if you will.

If you were to weigh and decide, you would, or maybe have already decided that this blog is mostly about Pinkie Ann HOPE and her husband Smith J. HARGROVE. I do admit that I have the heaviest interest in my maternal great grandparents, but of course I have also mentioned that it's because of them or starting with them that I do this. If their photo had not come along at just the right time, I may still be thinking, "I should check into my family's geneology someday".1

You might read these. They will help you understand more about me & My Colored Roots. They are also some of my favorite posts. You might also should note that I am not much for the awards. I do appreciate your kindness to think of nominating me but you may want to actually give the award to one who will keep it moving.

1NOTE: I intentionally misspelled geneology because that is the way I unknowingly spelled it for my first Google search in 2002.