Sunday, January 17, 2010

Celebrating Ancestors

Today is 17 January and is the wedding anniversary of my great grandparents Smith HARGROVE and Pinkey Ann HOPE. They were married 46 years until Pinkey died in 1928. They had eight children according to the 1900 census but only three lived to be adults. Smith and Pinkey are blessed to have about 200-250 living descendants spread from Connecticut to Florida and I don't know how far west; at least as far as Mississippi.

Their marriage license is available at the Georgia Virtual Vault. Looking at their marriage entry in the book, looks almost like January 14 to me, but the IGI Index says 17.

They are my favorites! When I first saw their photograph almost eight years ago, I said "Who are these people? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?" And wondered why I had never seen this picture before. That was the beginning for me. Almost eight years of finding more about my folks and finding more about myself that I didn't know before.

Ah hem. There goes my folks getting equal time.

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