Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

When I was in my teens and early 20s and I was a poster queen, one of the posters in my room was "Try everything once, and if it's fun, do it again!" This specific poster had an image of a roller coaster full of folks, crested the first hill and about to descend. Looked like they were having a blast.

Thursday Night about almost midnight, I decided to go along to the midnight madness shopping spree taking place. I had never done this before and had no intention to go this year. About 11:30 or so, I changed my mind. My son's fiance and her sister in law had already left to catch Toys R Us midnight doorbuster, his mother in law and I were to meet them there. We got almost to the store and got a text to not go. The line was wrapped around the store and only about 50 people were being admitted at one time. We met in another store parking lot to work out Plan B. Go to WalMart and browse even though the sale items were not being released until 5 am.

The four of us got to Wally World about 12:30 and there was a hustle and bustle of activity but not extremely overwhelming. We got a store map to see where the 5 am specials were going to be; laid out in various parts of the store. The majority of the specials were wrapped in pallet plastic and were labeled not to touch until 5. We could see that some of these pallet seals were broken already, first one we noticed was the video tapes. We browsed the store and started working our plan. I was really not intending to shop but my three grandkids needed pajamas and Wally World had fleece ones for $3, so I was in charge of PJs. Get one pair for my oldest, two pair for the middle one and the baby was getting three. I was also assigned getting PJs for the sister in law's three children.

After we scouted some of the other store items that were not on special, I had a half full cart (not my purchases, but collectively). By now, it's about 1:30 and all four had our assignments. The sister in law and I browsed back by the big kids' PJs and folks were selecting their styles and sizes but not adding to their cart, just stacking them up. Continuing to browse the store, we had two things in our (my) cart that was supposed to be on special but was not marked appropriately. A store employee informed us and took them back. OK, np. Continuing to browse the store, we noticed the same employee who confiscated our specials was overlooking some other customers' specials in their carts. By now, we are getting a little annoyed. We went back to the big girls' and big boys' PJs, got all of theirs into my cart. Went to the baby's PJ area and they were being guarded. Getting a little bit sleepy, the sister in law and I wanted coffee. She guarded the cart and I went to subway and got us each a cup. Back past the baby's PJ, they were still guarded. Since I was all done except for the baby's PJs and one toy item that I was assigned, I went to layaway to hang out and wait.

By now, it's about 2:30 and the store was really thinned out except for various isolated areas including the baby's PJs and electronics. About 40 computers were available for $300 and they were well guarded too although it looked like to me that one was missing. I was in the layaway area with maybe a half dozen other patrons waiting for 5 am. I noticed about 4:00 the store traffic was picking up again and 4:30 it was starting to get to be a madhouse. 4:45 I started heading to the baby's PJs. What would have been a 45 second shopping gait at most, took 17 minutes. Most of that 17 minutes I was waiting for someone to move along through the aisle or else I was having to go against the flow. I thought to myself, "Don't these people drive on the streets?", and mentioned a couple of times, "Go right, please".

Got to the PJs and picked up three pair of assorted characters just like that; 1, 2, 3; all in Eric's size 24 months. Eric would really not care what character was on his, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

During my two and a half hour wait, I spoke to a woman who got to Toys R Us at 11:30. She said she got into the store at 1:30 or 1:45. Got the four items she knew she wanted and waited in line from 1:50 to 3:10 to get checked out.

Realizing in time, frustration and lack of sleep, what did this cost me? How much did I gain? The PJs, I got Eric for his birthday that he was outgrowing cost $7. Based on $7, I guess regular price on the older kids' pajamas would be maybe $9. Six pair at regular price would have cost me $48, I paid $18. I will not count the shopping and browsing time, only the 2 and a half hours nonproductive time to wait until 5. My time being more valuable than $12 per hour, I may have been more fruitful had I actually planned to go on this venture, therefore better planned purchases. All in all, this is an experience I think I'd not enjoy to do again although I won't say at this time, "I'm not going".

btw, if you are a Wally World store employee, executive or whatever, don't ask which store this was, I'm not telling.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I suppose it Kreativ Blogger Awarddoesn't happen often to nominate a newbie for an award but I feel honored that Renate from Into the LIGHT has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. You might notice that I labeled Awards instead of Kreative Blogger Award. I hope to get a couple more, though not necessary. So, because I don't take this honor lightly, I had to come up with seven fairly interesting things about me and seven bloggers to whom I should pass on the award. It was hard, but here it is.

NOTE: Watch out for this symbol. » My note, mostly to myself, there will be more on this topic in the future.

I am a veteran. After high school, I wanted to run away from home» but very wisely figured out that I wanted to make sure that I didn't or didn't need to come back. So I joined the Air Force. Some of the best years of my life.» Don't ask how many years, I may divulge that one day.

I have been doing genealogy about 7 and a half years, since the spring of 2002.» Yep, I have become one of the obsessed people. Although my family has not accused me yet of spending more time with my dead people...

I really don't have time to blog.» I wonder why I'm doing it... Well, Drusilla put on such a compelling presentation at IBGS. I had contemplated before that, any computer literate can follow the prompts; Create Blog... I am fairly literate, but the compelling reason that I started blogging was maybe somebody will see something I post that will help me to get over that brick wall» (see my complete profile and the random question Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?). I'm not necessarily looking for anyone to tell me the answer, but hopefully help me find it within myself.

I am hot on the trail of one of my slaveholder families.» I hope, considering I may get no more assistance, that will be just the demolition ball that I need for finding Smith's family members. Fortunately for me, it appears that Smith took on the same name.

I left a few breadcrumbs on and one of my 2nd cousins once removed found me.» She was going to find me anyway, breadcrumbs just saved her a little time.

I am a philanthropist.» Have been most of my life. Hummm When I looked up the word in Webster to check spelling I didn't see quite the definition I was expecting. Voluntarism is more what I was looking for. You know, the servitude that President Obama is calling for our country to do? A lot more about this in the future.

I am looking forward to retirement so I can do more genealogy. 'nuff said.

Hummmmm. Which one of my topics » should I take on first? I want to jump right in there on Smith and Pinky, but I don't want to wear that puppy out too quickly. Ha, LOL, then y'all won't come back!

OK. Seven bloggers to pass on the baton. The seven of you are supposed to list seven things about yourself, and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

Luckie at Our Georgia Roots. I am VERY impressed with the look of her blog. Luckie is a new blogger to me, but of course, I will follow closely since I am digging most of my roots in the Peach State.

Diane's blog, Genealogy Insider, is representing Family Tree Magazine. Looks like she's not on the 'awards list'. But I'm nominating her anyway, I have always liked FTM from the beginning.» Her blog is the FIRST one where I found the New Digital Library Names Thousands of Slaves. Great contribution to African American genealogy! Since I saw that link on Diane's site, I have since found it several places, including Luckie's and the ACPL African American Gateway.

Hummmmm. I can't link to Diane's Maybe I'll have to pick somebody else.»

I have been following Drusilla Pair's blog, Find Your Folks, for several months. I tried looking back to see when did I start reading her and the closest I can come to is March 2009 when Randy Seaver (Genea-Musings) listed her on his Sunday Best of the Blogs list.

I have been following Randy Seaver's blog, Genea-Musings for I guess about a year now. I am glad I looked back to check the beginnings of following Drusilla because now that Roots Magic Essentials is out, I'd like to follow Randy's RootsMagic 4.0 Summary or excellent tutorial. And I'll be glad to actually participate in SNGF on my blog rather than just add a comment to his, starting this weekend.

Gena's Genealogy
Thoughts and News from the world of genealogy
I am especially impressed with three of her blogs:

I have been following Elyse Doerflinger for about a year and a half. I first followed her videos on YouTube where she did an EXCELLENT job of videoblogging beginning genealogy. Considering that she is not a professional, I think those videos were excellent. I was disappointed when she stopped producing videos. I followed as she prepared and went to the SCGC last summer and hope more youngsters follow her lead to follow their family history. Wish I started when I was 20 something. I also really like the background that she tweaked for her blog. More than the green, I like the swirl.

And last of all there is Michael Neill. He's got three blogs. RootDig, Genealogy Tip of the Day and a paid one, Case Files. I do not subscribe to Case Files but the other two are pretty good.

Another bad link. I suppose they do that intentionally for the purpose of watching their traffic.

After FGS 2005 (was in Salt Lake City), I was DETERMINED I was going to Salt Lake too. My 50th was coming up and...» I will be devoting a couple of blogs to just that road trip.
Anyway, Michael, I really wanted to submit Juliana's blog instead of yours. But since she's not publishing Family History Circle any more, I hardly go there. I had been following her blog (daily newsletter before weekly blog) since @ 2003. She had the Quick Tips submitted my us amateurs, the professional tips, The Year Was… was especially interesting. The 24 December 2006 Year End Summary of The Year Was… is shown here

It Appears that she is still publishing but I have found it difficult when and where to find her articles. I think should give the Family History Circle back to her.

Oh, back to Michael. While we were at SLC, I was showing him the 1910 census with my folks and he pointed out that my g grandfather was a property owner. How many times had I looked at this census and overlooked it? Oh, back to Michael's blog. I first found some of Micheal's writings on Ancestry's Learning Center Archive. I'd be so much more impressed if the Tip of the Day were actually daily. Well, who am I to speak? Oh yeah, I didn't name my blog to give the impression that I am on every day. His articles and tips are still pretty good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lucy's Story by Larry Hamilton

We aren't going to let the IBGS go are we? I am not! I went to FGS 2007 but the 1st Annual IBGS was all that And a bag of chips!

There's a gentleman and his wife, Linda and Larry Hamilton, I had lunch with at the luncheon on Saturday. I was supposed to mention before that Larry is one of the authors who was at the Summit. He just sent me a note and said his book, Lucy's Story, was cited as Top 100 book for 2009.

Also, the day after IBGS, he went to to Loveland, OH (Cincinnati suburb) for a book signing.

God Bless his Mom! She's 85!

Please visit Larry's website.

Then, the lady I sat next to at the luncheon, Michelle. I owe you some documents and hot links for the SHANKLEs in Jackson County, GA. I have not forgotten.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Going back to the Genealogy Center

I was really disappointed that my traveling companion and I didn't stay at the Genealogy Center last Sunday for a day of peaceful research after 3 days of seminars and a little hit & miss research between or after evenings. Taking the van pool back to the library tomorrow. Good thing I am connected, huh?

BTW, I took another peek today at another one of my or will soon be a favorite repository of choice. The Ohio Genealogy Society (OGS) new building under construction is going up pretty quickly. I figured out today that the new building in Bellville will be about five to seven miles closer than the current building in Mansfield.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OK, I'm in!

I'm a Blogger now!

After attending the International Black Genealogy Summit (IBGS) (which was AWESOME) last weekend at The Allen County Public Library, I decided I needed a blog. I had already tentatively decided on the name for my blog. You may wonder My Colored Roots??? What's that about? You'll have to come back to see.

For those who weren't there or for those who missed it, there is a new African American Gateway at the Genealogy Center in the library. You kinda might miss it if you aren't familiar with their site, or you might miss it if you are familiar with their site. For those who weren't there or who haven't seen the Gateway yet, it's a culmination of a book previously published by Curt Witcher, director of the Genealogy Center. The book is titled African American genealogy : a bibliography and guide to sources and call number is 973 W771A. What's on the Gateway is updated info from the book and bunches of URLs. All of the books in the bibliography section are books actually in the Genealogy Center.

Anyway, welcome to my blog and please come back.