Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OK, I'm in!

I'm a Blogger now!

After attending the International Black Genealogy Summit (IBGS) (which was AWESOME) last weekend at The Allen County Public Library, I decided I needed a blog. I had already tentatively decided on the name for my blog. You may wonder My Colored Roots??? What's that about? You'll have to come back to see.

For those who weren't there or for those who missed it, there is a new African American Gateway at the Genealogy Center in the library. You kinda might miss it if you aren't familiar with their site, or you might miss it if you are familiar with their site. For those who weren't there or who haven't seen the Gateway yet, it's a culmination of a book previously published by Curt Witcher, director of the Genealogy Center. The book is titled African American genealogy : a bibliography and guide to sources and call number is 973 W771A. What's on the Gateway is updated info from the book and bunches of URLs. All of the books in the bibliography section are books actually in the Genealogy Center.

Anyway, welcome to my blog and please come back.


  1. Darlene,
    First of all, welcome to the world of blogging! I read your introductory post the other day, but didn't see an option to comment.
    I have a little bit of a surprise for you - and it's rather unusual, so consider yourself very special. :) I have nominated you for the "Kreativ Blogger" Award! Even though you are brand new to blogging, I was very impressed by your catchy (and kreative) blog-name, and I wanted to let you know it in a BIG way!
    Please stop by my blog to pick up your award. I look forward to reading your blog!


  2. Hi Darlene,

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to reading your posts. Love the name!!


  3. OMG Renate!
    I don't deserve it. But thank you So Much! My fist Award! Awesome!
    I'll be over this evening.

  4. Sandra,

    Thank you too. I feel honored you all are reading me.

    OK Folks,
    I see maybe I should think about passing all comments until i figure this out. We'll see.