Friday, November 20, 2009

Lucy's Story by Larry Hamilton

We aren't going to let the IBGS go are we? I am not! I went to FGS 2007 but the 1st Annual IBGS was all that And a bag of chips!

There's a gentleman and his wife, Linda and Larry Hamilton, I had lunch with at the luncheon on Saturday. I was supposed to mention before that Larry is one of the authors who was at the Summit. He just sent me a note and said his book, Lucy's Story, was cited as Top 100 book for 2009.

Also, the day after IBGS, he went to to Loveland, OH (Cincinnati suburb) for a book signing.

God Bless his Mom! She's 85!

Please visit Larry's website.

Then, the lady I sat next to at the luncheon, Michelle. I owe you some documents and hot links for the SHANKLEs in Jackson County, GA. I have not forgotten.

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