Monday, January 11, 2010


According to his WWI draft registration, Joseph F. GRIFFIN was born 1 Jan 1879. I have noted discrepancies of his birth being 1876 but for some reason, I believe the 1879 to be the correct one. This was an uncle by marriage of my maternal great grandmother's sister. He with his wife and three children are who my grandmother lived with after her parents died. His WWI draft reg card is shown here. Notice how the corner is not snipped off like it is supposed to be for black people. Both his and his son Rufus' draft registrations are not snipped. I thought that was interesting.

I also have Joe's marriage record to my Aunt Ida J. BUTLER in Jackson County GA in December (can't read the date) 1897, which I found when I went to Salt Lake City in 2006. I need to find info on his death, probably also in Georgia but could possibly be in Pennsylvania. In that case, I may never get it. When I get to the Pennsylvania City Directories within the next year, I should be able to closer confirm at least where he died. Finding his death information may help me to determine who followed who when my maternal grandparents left Georgia, moved to Pennsylvania before moving to Ohio. Joe GRIFFIN's wife Ida J. BUTLER died in Pittsburgh in 1967. I think I am supposed to remember her but I don't. I do remember their oldest two children, Louvenia and Rufus. I don't know what happened to either of the three children or where they lived.

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