Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pinkie and PeeWee's Photo

And here they are. I understand that this was their engagement pic.

I did that backwards didn't I? I should have put the pic up as a Wordless Wednesday post and then the text. I guess it's OK anyway cause this post is not wordless.

What do their expressions say to you?

Hers: I got me a Man!

His: How in the heck do I get out of this?


  1. I'm glad you posted a picture. I wanted to see one when I was reading your other post! I think they are a handsome looking couple.

  2. Ditto what Stephanie said. Now this puts faces to the story!

  3. Thanks for posting the pic. The are a great looking couple. I think I have to agree with you about her expression. :)

  4. LOL. Mavis, when I was preparing that post, I was thinking should I publish that, even though that's what it appeared to be? Yep, sure do because it is what it is.