Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Must see The Generations Project

Durrell's episode is on The Generations Project this week. IMHO it is one of the most fascinating of all the Generations Project episodes I have seen. You have to watch this. Just to pique your interest without giving away the story, I was captivated by the mention of his ancestor's involvement with the mayor and chief of police. I find The Generations Project even more fascinating than the Who Do You Think You Are series. For one, there are no commercials! You get a full hour of entertainment for your genealogy fix. Another, as stated before, these are 'regular people'! I got the expression regular people from someone who commented on Dr Henry Louis Gates, Jr original episode, African American Lives that it was a great show. But how about featuring us regular people?

Maybe noncelebrity would be a better expression of who they are. I missed one or two of these episodes but I now look forward to every Monday when I can watch to see what's coming next. Another episode is Deanna, whose great grandparents died in a house fire. I have figured out that 'coming soon' might really mean already broadcast. There was at least one episode where it showed the nugget of an upcoming show I had already seen. So it seems that all these shows have already been taped and are not necessarily shown in order. I'm glad that I was able to actually view Durrell's episode since I was really pumped and have been waiting anxiously, since March 2 to see it. One point you might note is that even though The Generations Project is online, it looks like viewing missed episodes is not possible unless you have satellite service and have saved it via dvr.

I think I may apply. Maybe I can get some help identifying Smith's parents and siblings. Or maybe to confirm my newest conclusion is that Smith's wife, Pinkey Ann HOPE, is the half sister of John HOPE. John HOPE was an educator and first black president of Atlanta Baptist College, now known as Morehouse College.

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