Thursday, November 4, 2010

My New Library Cards

I have recently moved from Ohio to Kentucky. I actually moved several months ago but had not changed my address until recently for legal reasons. Anyway during the transition, I have found most of the libraries in Boone County and Kenton County Kentucky. They have reciprocal agreements, and I was able to get library cards with both of them. See? During my inaugural visit to one of the Boone County Libraries, I was visiting during the after school hour. This specific branch library is really close to an elementary, junior high and a high school. Since the library is pretty small and with just a few patrons, the tables were nearly full. Through my browsing, I find the genealogy section. It was down the left aisle on the left photo. Genealogy books are on the left side near the bottom. I had already seen that there was a side chair near one of the windows. See the chair in the last photo? The chair is near the opposite end of the same aisle where the genealogy books are. The opposite end

of the same aisle is the first aisle on your right across from the chair. I was scanning through a couple of reference books I had not seen and another one that is area specific: A Guide to Genealogical Resources in Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio.

I looked up from where I was sitting in the chair and whatever book I happened to be scanning at that moment. I was in deep thought about whatever tidbit I had just read. I didn't look up to look at anything, I was just thinking. Looking up, I did see a poster, but had not focused on it. See the poster in the last photo? Reading some more, I looked up again, this time I happened to focus on the poster. Guess who is in the poster? If you have never seen the poster before, I'm going to hold you for a few more moments. I wish I could show you the poster full front, but of course I cannot because of copyright. When I looked up at the poster the second time, those eyes were looking right at me. And that billion dollar smile... I studied the poster some from where I was sitting to the left and then got up and walked over to the end of the genealogy aisle on the other side of the poster. He's still looking straight at me. I went back to my original position, yep he's still looking straight at me. That photographer is goooooood! I wondered how did he do that? OK, for those of you who have spent just a few incidences on my blog, probably know who it is. Those who haven't, give me one more minute. What is the caption of the poster? I think you can see that. READ. He is holding a book and what book is it? Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham. Are you ready for the reveal? The sub-caption says, "Denzel Washington for America's Libraries". I am just a fan.

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