Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 GeneaBloggers Games

Da           da daaaaaaa (horns blowing)

I want to play! I followed along during the last games, watching from the sidelines. It looked like a lotta fun.

You see my badge and my flag to the right? The flag stands for the USA (red white & blue), for Cameroon (yellow green & red with the star) and Nigeria (supposed to be green white green according to Wikipedia and others). Cameroon and Nigeria are both in East Africa.

I chose Cameroon because I used to work with a young man from Cameroon. Hi Landry! I chose Nigeria only because it is a prominent country on the west coast of Africa. It seemed logical to me that we were taken/kidnapped from the African west coast. But sources, including Landry and others, confirmed we were also taken from the east coast of Africa. See how ignorant we might be if we didn't study genealogy? Too bad I don't have my dna done, I could name an ancestral country.

I plan to participate in all six categories as described in the rules page. I can't positively say that I'll post every day but I'll do my best. If I do publish accomplishments daily, it will probably be very short and sweet like category # and # of tasks. I think I'll try that stand alone page thing. It looks appropriate for this kind of activity. Maybe I'll post on the front, then move them as I progress. Keeping only the most recent on the front. Interesting thing about our games. Everybody who participates, wins!

I expect Thomas will make some appropriate announcement like, L T G B! Hey. I found his response to my entry. Looks like he is going to parade the flags.
Hooray for the United States.
Hooray for Cameroon.
Hooray for Nigeria.
Hooray for all the Geneabloggers.

Good luck everybody.
Let's have some fun.

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