Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Celebrating Ancestors

Ella Lee BRIMMER was born 1890 in Hawkinsville, Pulaski, GA. She was the oldest of her three brothers and two sisters. Both of her sisters always called her by her nickname, Sister. I remember when she died, 5 February 1969, there was a discussion as to when she was born (ha, that means my dad didn't know how old his mother was). I don't remember in the discussion aka argument who else sided with my dad for her birth to have been in 1891 but both her sisters argued that it was 1890. Their logic was that because she was the oldest and that Uncle Willie was born in 1891. I think to myself now, that it's a wonder I didn't get the geneabug then. I vividly remember my thoughts as I was listening to this 'grown folks conversation', "How do any of you know when she was born? None of you were there!" Well the sisters won the debate and they were correct. I have confirmed that:
parents marriage 18 Oct 1889
Ella born 5 Aug 1890
Willie born 10 Aug 1891

Something else I remember from the day of the 'discussion'. There was the accusation that the sisters raped our house of most of her mementos. Well, I have Ella's bible.

Since Sister is the focus person for today, I'm looking at the copy of the map that I got from the cemetery. The sexton's secretary wrote the note for Ella and four others of my folks buried in this cemetery. The note reads, "Ella Draper - Greenlawn Rg 2 Gr 37" and the date of her death. I was adding this detail info to my Legacy, when I thought to myself, "What is Rg?" It almost looked like Pg to me. So I called the cemetery today and got the scoop. It is Rg, which is Range; their designation for 'Row'.

Also since I'm focused on Ella today, I linked the original unmarked copy of cemetery map shown here to the cemetery address in Legacy and the copy shown here is now linked to Ella and the other three of my folks you see here. You like how I marked the grave with the colored dot along with the RIN # of the person buried there? I am thinking I may link the saved census images and city directory pages to her Legacy record. I wonder does anybody else do this.


  1. Very interesting and I love the debate on the date of birth.

  2. Hey Dalene! What I love is the ability for true genealogy research to uncover truth! Sometimes our families like it, sometimes not but it still stands!

    I too own my [Great] Grandmother's bible & cherish it dearly.